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Friday, January 29, 2010

Guide For Wish Subjects

Guide For Wish Subjects
Based on Moon’s Ttransit in Different Signs

Moon in Aries

Health: Head, thinking, ambition, your face or neck
Aspiration: Goals, successful execution. 
Ventures: New project or idea. Challenging

Moon in Taurus

General: Land, beauty, home, vehicles comforts, neck or throat
Expression: Singing, talking and communicating.
Real Estate - gardening or agriculture related
Buying a home of your own, or even land for it.
Moon in Gemini
Health: Shoulders, arms, hands, nervous system, lungs. 
Quit bad habit: Smoking, drinking, gambling, drug taking.
Desire to handle problems like stress, pain.
Communications of all categories, local, national or global
Dissemination of information by writing, sale, marketing, computer, teaching
Excellence in eloquence, expression – written or vocal.
Travel and travel related..

Moon in Cancer

Health : General health resolutions, especially breast and stomach.
Finance: Money – Cash crunch or cash flow or money stuck.
Home making, decorating, comforts and luxuries.
Family: Mother or mother like.
Mind – Mental status, subconscious ideas – breaking free of mental blockages, to alter brooding state of affairs.
Pilgrimage to Ganga or Jai Mata Ka Darbar.
Moon in Leo
Health: Heart and circulatory system, blood related – even diabetes.
Spine: Anything related to spine – back paind, etc.
Status: Position, fame and recognition, loyalty, pride, executive ability, drive, leadership, and self-expression.
Government : Job (service), projects or problems from government.
Moon in Virgo
Health: Lower intestines and stomach area. 
Service to others: Home decoration, perfectionism, communication, etc.
Mental comfort: Relief from tension, regain composure, serenity and so on.
Career: Promotion, gains in business or deals, obtaining new projects.
Moon in Libra
Health: Kidneys and lower back. 
Excitement: Love Affairs – romance – fun and frolic – comforts – marriage
Diplomacy – attitude of cooperation and communication.
Favours: Win favours from others – business partners or benefactors.
Litigation: Luck in litigation and favours from judges or those in power.

Moon in Scorpio

Health: Productive organs Or Wishing child.
Excitement: Romance, love and marriage.
Judging Others: Critic role – sarcasm and so on.
For Major Success and Big Business Execution.
Unearned income: Dividends, stocks, property rentals, inheritances, lottery, speculation, gambling and so on.

Moon in Sagittarius

Spirituality, greater identity in the field and accomplish goals.
Health: Legs, hips, and thighs.
Travel overseas and distant ones for work, higher learning and so on. influence Reaching out through publications or writing.
Regarding inlaws
Moon in Capricorn
Health: Skin, teeth, knees or bones. 
Career: Service, business, real estate, or stocks and banking.
Fun: Holiday Spending With Family

Moon in Aquarius

Health: Calves and ankles. 
Goals: High goals, ideals, life change, overcoming adversity.
Dream come true wishes.
Changes big or small, even to change the world.
Communication: Oratorical, charisma, presentation, interconnecting.
Moon in Pisces
Spirituality: Anything directly or indirectly related to spirituality.
Health and General: Feet, water, dancing, walking, jogging, beauty, dreams, Others: Medicines, films, water, milk, liquid chemicals or liquefied  gas. 

Moon and Wish Fulmilment

Moon -  Wish Fulfilment

New moons are a time when you do not see the moon because it is just beginning its new phase.  In India the sighting of Moon is called “Chandra Darshan” falling on the 2nd day of bright moon fortnight.

For centuries, it has been the belief that Chandra Darshan carries with it the strength of growth and progress of whatever we tend to start or tend to wish for us.  Chandra darshan falling on the 2nd moon day of Sukhl Paksh considered excellent time to begin any undertaking.

Many people call this the waxing moon.  That is, the moon is growing toward its full state. Once it is in the full state, this when event/happening come to fruition.  After the full moon, it is in the waning state and this is a good time for bringing things to conclusion.

·         Endeavors begun on a new moon day have a greater chance of success than at other cycles of the moon.  They have also known that it is a good time for making your wishes known as the growing energy of the new moon will help bring your wishes to fruition.  The next Chandra Darshan falls on February 16, 2010

·         The full moon day is excellent for wishes relating to romance, love affairs and for promoting harmony between the married couples.  For strengthening existing relationship you may write on a clean yellow paper with red ink (or astgandh ink). For starting a new relationship of promoting further the budding one, write with red ink (or astgandh ink) on a pink paper. The next full moon day or Purnima falls on January 30, 2010, followed by February 28, 2010.

You may write down your wishes in short sentence with red ink (or astgandh ink) on a clean yellow paper and keep it in a red envelope inside your wish fulfilment box or under a pyramid or inside your puja place.

The wish may be written as a first thing in the morning of the Chandra Darshan or Purnima day as the case may be, after taking a bath.  Wish must not reflect any animosity or anger against any person, it should be directed only towards your own welfare.

It is better to limit your wish in order of preferences, and it would be better to wait for at least another 40 days for another wish fulfilment exercise (sadhna).

 You may write the date of your wish and duly signed by you.  The following mantra recitation should precede the wish and follow the wish.

“Aum Shram Shreem Shroum Seh Chandramsay Namah”

You may read out your wish every morning and before going to bed at least for consecutive 40 days, by recitation of the above mantra at least 108 times (preferably with a pearl rosary) preceding and following the wish.

Go ahead, and I am sure, you will always swear by moon with a life time recitation of: 
  “Aum Saum Saumaye Namah”

My Wish List - How To Wish

Make your wish come true
“My Wish List Guru”

How to Enter Wish in “My Wish List”:
  • Please give your name and age and your e-mail ID, when it is your own wish for yourself.
  • Please give your name and age and your e-mail ID, plus the name of the person for whom the wish is made, his/her age.
  • The identity information furnished will be kept totally confidential personally by Guruji Shri Paras D. Jain, MyWishListGuru
  • The wish should not be negative for any-one even remotely concerned, it should be expressed in positive terms for fulfillment of your desire or goal.

How to Word Your Wish for “MyWishList"
  • I wish that the wish or prayers of all others here be fulfilled.
  • I wish that the wish or prayer of all others with similar wish be fulfilled.
  • I wish that my wish stated below be fulfilled:- 
    • (state your wish giving the name, age and Email ID - to be kept confidential).

It is suggested that the wish maker may reaffirm his/or her wish by visiting this blospot for a number of days as below, until the time the wish is fulfilled, and finally to post your happiness on completion of the wish.
·        3 days (at the least), or
·        9 days, or
·        21 days, or
·        41 days (at the maximum), continuously,
o       or a particular day of the week on which the wish is made, i.e, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday.
o       or every month on the same date, i.e. 1st, or 2nd, or 3rd, and so on.

My Wish List – For you

You can make your wish concerning any life situation or desire or aspiration or difficulty and whatever, you consider relevant to bring peace and prosperity to you or your loved ones.

  • Make your wish as many you desire to, but keep an interval of 41 days between the two, so that the previous wish has time to mature and complete its cycle of fulfillment.
  • The wish might be fulflilled within 3-days, or 9-days, 21-days, or 41-days, depending upon the nature of the wish made, and the sincerity of reaffirmation.

    • The wish made for yourself will be initiated by GuruJi Shri Paras D..Jain, who will second your wish for fulfillment and include your wish in his wish list too, which he will call as his “My Wish List”.

  • You can make a wish for yourself or any of your dear one such as father, mother, brother, sister, spouse, child or any other or even general in nature.

    • The wish made by you for any other person will be initiated by you and initiated again by Guruji Shri Paras.D. Jain, who will second your wish for fulfillment and include your wish for another person also in his wish list too, which he will call as his “My Wish List”.

You can append your wish as your comment or send to me directly to my Email ID.  You may even request assistance or guidance for follow up in your daily life routine.

“My Wish List” – Your Wish List is “My Wish List”

This blogspot has been created in order to assist and guide one and all without discretion of
·        rich, or poor, or downtrodden,
·        status high or low,
·        male or female,
·        young, or adult, or old,
·        married or unmarried or divorced or separated or clouded marriage,
·        with or without job or business or work,
·        with or without love or affection or hate,
·        with or without faith, or religion,
·        with or without a godfather,
·        with or without a caste, or family name,
·        ….in any station of life.

Guru’s affirmation:
It will be the Earnest Endeavour of GuruJi Shri Paras D. Jain –
to pray,
guide and
assist you
as a jyotish to make your wish come true, as it becomes his wish, too.

“Aum Namah Tathaastu”

So Be It